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The Power Of Density®

You should be thinking about how dense your power is in your data center rather than the amount of data center floor space you have to work with. Find out the power of density® in our private data center suites.

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The Cost Savings of High-Density Environments

Find out why power density, not floor space, is one of the keys to managing today's data center facility. The question today goes beyond asking: "How much space will we need to accommodate our current needs and future growth?" Learn why space is really only one part of the story.

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Scalable Power Densities

We offer scalable high-density power levels for Micro-Suites, Mini-Suites, Suites, and Quad-Suites. 60 to 85 kW for Micro-Suites. 130 to 200 kW for Double Micro-Suites. 100 to 200 kW for Mini-Suites. 200 to 300 kW of power for Suites. 800 kW to 1.2 MW for Quad-Suites.

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A Single Place for All of Your Needs

DotsForsythe provides you with the convenience of our wide range of core supporting services such as data center strategy, data center migration, business continuity and disaster recovery, managed servicesremote and smart hands, and IT infrastructure optimization

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Industry News

Making the Case for Lithium-Ion Batteries in the Data Center [Webinar]

This one-hour webinar examines the advantages of lithium-Ion as well as concerns data center managers may have. Tom McKinney, Director at Forsythe Data Centers will be speaking, along with Peter Panfil, VP Global Power at Vertiv, and Tony Gaunt, Senior Director at Vertiv Asia.

Industry News

Population Density, Central Location Cemet Chicago As A Top 3 Data Center Market

When it comes to data center real estate, the Second City is top-notch — or top three in the U.S. for absorption, according to a new report from CBRE. O’Hare is one of the strongest performing data center submarkets because of the ease of access, and that has been reflected in new data center development like Ascent Data Centers' CH2 campus in Northlake and Forsythe data center in Elk Grove Village.