Data Center Strategy

More Than Optimizing Your Data Center Facilities

As your company evolves and grows organically or through merger and acquisition, your data center requirements change. The question then arises: What is the right number of data center facilities to have? Developing your data center strategy is more than just optimizing your data center facilities. Forsythe links the underlying business objectives to the technical solutions. The end result is a roadmap that maximizes the business value of your organization’s data centers.

The Power of a Clear, Long-Term Data Center Strategy

The key to optimizing data center investment is to start with a clear, long-term data center strategy that meets the full spectrum of business and IT stakeholders’ needs. Forsythe’s services are integrated to take advantage of the knowledge of experts in all areas of IT infrastructure to deliver a holistic strategy and solution. We begin by engaging our technical and business experts to baseline your current infrastructure. By assessing cost baseline information, key business drivers and predicted infrastructure growth, we are able to identify and evaluate solution scenarios which detail benefits, risks, estimated costs, and timelines for forward-looking data center strategies.